We are open again! 

All we wanted to do when we moved to Harney County in 2010 was to raise our family, hay, and cattle in some wide-open spaces and beautiful country. We bought a lovely ranch at the base of Dog Mountain and proceeded to have the most fun. Tilling the dirt, planting the hay, growing a garden, cooking for tons of company (everyone wants to come visit a ranch), and raising every kind of farm animal we wanted to. But… the well went dry and we couldn’t pay the bills. So, I started taking produce from my large, beautiful garden, and some baked goods to town to sell. Set up a shade and table beside the road and people came and bought.  At home one evening I said “those crazy people want my baked goods not my produce”. Nolan said, “if food is what they want then I should send a crockpot of tri-tip with you and you can sell sandwiches on homemade rolls” …. I got to know so many lovely people that summer by the roadside. Some came to talk and laugh, some brought me supplies to make my life easier, and some bought lots of baked goods from me! And that, my friends; was only the beginning. Over the winter we built a small mobile cookhouse. It was beautiful with big juniper posts out front and juniper trim inside. Since that’s what we have readily available around here… Kings department store allowed us to set up in there parking lot March 2013. We sold homecooked BBQ and baked goods from this location for 2 yrs. using our Mennonite heritage for the delicious food and recipes and the good clean work ethics. With many prayers for wisdom thrown in. Making many friends and great memories. Spring, 2015, we bought the lot we are currently at. (1401 Oregon Ave, Burns, OR) We cleaned it up, leveled it out, and built a wood deck to set an event tent on for a dining room and moved the cookhouse over and continued making our homemade, reasonably priced food. 2 yrs. later we were badly needing more space so Nolan and the boys built a bigger and better cookhouse where we could do all our baking and cooking instead of making it at home and bringing it to town.

              Meanwhile, we managed to keep the ranch which we love! The kids have been raised on a lot of hard work, both on the ranch and at the cookhouse. Tons of dishes washed… and food making… and PR skills learned... Of course, the growth of the business has made it to where we need more help than just our children. And we simply couldn’t have done it without our dedicated friends and family who have been willing to put up with how crazy it all gets and work hard for us so we can continue serving you better and keeping our motto “never say ‘we can’t’ or  ‘no’ to a customer”!

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